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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Crazy Update

Hey guys and gals,

This is Doc. I just wanted to take some time to inform my readers that I'm still here and will return to writing more blog entries shortly. However, I would let my readers know that I've had a horrible time this past few weeks. I've had one cell phone and 4 laptops hacked. So I have been completely at a loss with this. I can't believe this happened to me and I've never heard of this type of thing happening to anybody else. It was like one right after the other. All of them fried right in my presence. So I know it couldn't have been an accident. Not sure what the motive was but ransomware was not involved. So as soon as i get this straightened out I will be back.

Thanks and Blessings to All,


Monday, September 4, 2017

Eddy's Love Work Experience

Eddie (fake name for anonymity), hired me for love work. He experienced some great movement nearly right off the bat and this is what he has to say about it.

Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 5:58 PM
From: xxxx
To: DocConjure <>
Subject: The Work Isn't Even Done Yet...


My mind is BLOWN and the work isn't even completed yet. Now I told you how bad things were with this girl that it was to the point she had literally blocked me off of everywhere & then unblocked me. So, that was 9 days ago. I woke up today and something kept telling me I should reach out to her but I said no let me wait until the work is done. That was my plan. Then, I'm going through my day and I just kept getting this odd nagging sense to reach out. I said what the hell and sent a very non-invasive text actually a picture of something I came across that she had given to me(a piece of Serbian currency she gave me on our first date) just saying "Look at what I found in my old wallet".

I expected no response. She saw the message and didn't reply. Doc, I don't know what you're working over there but I love it. About 40 minutes later I get a reply on my phone "Woww. Now you suprised me honestly. I didn't think when I look at this picture I remember everything abaut this day."

Next thing you know she wants to know how I've been and telling me all about her weekend and all of this. This is from someone who wouldn't so much as speak to me a mere week ago. THEN, she says "When you get back I want to go for coffee. I'm inviting you."

Doc, this never happened before I'm truly stunned. Sorry for the long message but I had to let you know this. God is good!

Feel free to put this on your blog if you'd like.

Stunned just stunned.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Stan's Reading

This is Stan (fake name for anonymity). Stan got a reading with me a while back and he recently emailed me to tell me that I was right on several things. This is what he has to say about his experience.

From: xxxx
To: DocConjure <>
Subject: Review of Previous Reading

My name is <<<>>>. I received a reading from Doc last October and, to be honest, at first I was not confused. It was the first reading I ever had and everything he predicted for the future seemed so far-fetched. Oddly enough, looking back a year later I'm emailing Doc back for another reading because what he ended up saying pretty much all came true. He told me my mother would become sick, and unfortunately she did have a health scare. He told me I would probably move out of the country in the next year, which when he said I thought for sure was wrong. Well, fast forward a year and I'm living overseas. The whole thing didn't seem to be like it would come true, but so many of the predictions that we discussed actually did. I would highly recommend getting a reading with Doc. At first, you may be confused (and maybe that's how it always goes with psychics, I don't know)...but in my case, in time a lot panned out. Very pleased. 

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Update And Apology For The Lack Of Posts

Well, I thought I would drop in to give a brief explanation as to why I haven't been blogging as normal. I'm actually at a crossroads in my life. It's one of those situations where God/The Universe, is insisting that you are going to make some life changes.

So to give you a brief update, my readers should know that my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had one breast removed and underwent chemo and radiation. They found that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes so they removed them. When everything was said and done they discovered another lump in her second breast. That kind of infuriates me because I had already told my mother that if she is getting one removed she might inquire about getting the other one removed as well as a form of insurance against any further breast cancer. She said that it violated the doctors protocols to do such. Well, sure enough they discovered another lump in her other breast. I'm not sure what is going to happen with regard to that.

If the cancer wasn't bad enough, my mother left and moved way up north out of state. I have only texted her once since she left. I love my mother but she feels like a stranger to me and I know that I am not the only family member who feels like this. I keep telling myself that perhaps her drastic change in behavior is due to her chemo treatment, as it can effect the brain but am just not sure.

Additionally, I lost my day job over some bull shit excuse. I didn't do anything wrong and there is more to the story but it's a can of worms and it's better if I just leave it be. Two days after getting let go I got pulled over and got 2 tickets. If that wasn't bad, I came home to find one of my dogs dead, so I had deal with that. She had been sick and suffered from breathing problems and allergies all of her life so it was understandable.

My dad moved out the house and into my brother's home. Me, my sister and her fiance live here now. I will be staying here until I find another day job and a new home.  My sister and her fiance will be marrying this month, so that's good news. I'm happy for them and wish them success and happiness.

Now for the clincher, I was suffering from severe teeth pain after having two bad teeth and being unable to afford going to a dentist as I didn't have insurance at the time. So I was saving money. It ultimately cost me nearly $5,000.00 to get them fixed but that's all said and done now. Anyway, at the time I was a wreck from all of the pain. I quickly exhausted what little amount of pain pills that I had on hand and of course Tylenol, Advil, and the like do absolutely nothing for teeth pain. Even Anbesol is useless for anything other than very mild teeth pain. I tried that stuff last time I had teeth pain and it only made the teeth pain worse. I've heard about clove oil and I know that it does numb the area but I felt it would be similar to Anbesol. So in order to try to have as normal as possible a life before I could get my teeth fixed I began to use a completely legal herb called Kratom. It's a plant that has opiod-like properties. Because I had to take it for an extended amount of time I developed an addiction to it. So I had to go through withdrawal (on my own) after deciding to quit it. The withdrawals were super bad. Horrible. This said, Kratom is a remarkable plant. Not a single twinge of tooth pain when I was on it.

As a result of all the problems I was hit with at once I did slip into a depression. I'm on my way out and am climbing my way back to normal but it will just take some time. So I will be taking a breather from blogging for a while just until I can get things back to normal. I know that some of you may think that this was the result of a curse or an enemy throwing at me but I can assure you that I know how to handle myself and that each time I checked the answer was always no, that these things weren't the result of any enemies but where just natural life problems that just happened to converge upon me. I have been keeping up with my cleansings, as usual.

So, thank you readers for being patient. I shall return to blogging as soon as possible.

Oh, and if possible, say a prayer for my niece. She was recently diagnosed with lupus and needs some healing energy.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Weight Loss Goal Reached!

After 2 years and one month I finally reached my goal weight! Honestly, I never thought this day would come. I hovered between 173-175 lbs, would dip down to like 171 lbs and then start eating crap again and gain a few pounds back. A few weeks ago I decided to put away the scale and just focus on enjoying life. I had already lost a ton of weight so I decided to just focus on what I have achieved so far. This morning I got the urge to weigh myself and gave in. I was completely shocked. I actually lost more weight and dipped below my goal weight of 170 lbs. I now weigh 168 lbs to be precise.

As my readers may know, in May of 2015 I had gastric sleeve surgery, a type of bariatric surgery. It was truly a life-changing experience.

So now that I've achieved my weight loss goal I am tempted to lose just a bit more. My doctor did tell me that I could go down to 160 lbs but that I shouldn't push beyond that. So I'm wondering if I should.

Now, I'm kinda petrified at the thought of having to have plastic surgery to get rid of excess skin. Unlike the gastric sleeve, the plastic surgery will be quite invasive. It will take a few months to completely heal and will probably hurt a great deal. I actually had no pain whatsoever with the gastric sleeve surgery.

So here are my stats:

Highest Weight: 412 lbs
Starting Weight Before Surgery: 388 lbs
Starting BMI Before Surgery: 52.6 (Morbid Obesity)
Weight At Time Of Surgery: 350 lbs
Goal Weight: 170 lbs
Current Weight: 168 lbs
Current BMI: 22.8 (Normal Weight)
Largest Pant Size: 48
Current Pant Size: 32
Largest Shirt Size: 4XL
Current Shirt Size: Medium
Total Weight Loss Since Surgery: 220 lbs

My Before Pictures:

Passport Photo - March 2015

December 2014

I'm the blob behind the boy.

Day of Surgery - May 13, 2015

My After Pictures:

If anyone out there is in the same boat as I was, is morbidly obese and may be considering this surgery. I say do it! I dare you! It will change your life in ways you wouldn't even dream could be possible. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Happy Summer Solstice!

Tonight at 11:24 PM in the Northern Hemisphere the Summer Solstice shall begin. The Summer Solstice marks the time of the longest day (greatest amount of sunlight) of the year. The Sun appears to stand still in the sky, rising at the same exact spot for a few days before beginning it's movement across the horizon again. From this time onward the amount of daylight will decrease until we reach the Winter Solstice in December.

Today is the official start of the Summer season with tomorrow being the first full day of Summer.

An older name for the Summer Solstice is Midsummer. It is under this older name that Wiccans and modern Neo-Pagans celebrate. They also use the word Litha for this day as well. Christians celebrate the Summer Solstice under the guise of St. John's Eve and Day, which is held on June 23-24th.

Wishing All Of My Readers A Wonderful Summer Season!